Sweet Baby Liam's Nursery

A couple months ago when Liam was merely 13 days old, Ron and I had an in home photo session with our incredibly talented friend Sanaz. The most important aspect of this shoot was to include my hubby in them too as well as his parents who were visiting us from Israel. My in-laws stayed with us for 2 months so I kept my queen size bed in there for them. In our next (bigger) home, we will have more space or a nursery and a guest room.

I have so many beautiful photos – enough to cherish for a lifetime – in my season as an expectant mama in both the oceanside shoot here in Malibu and a 34 week maternity studio session that’s a little more private, but not many together as new parents. So these images are ones that I will hold near and dear to my heart forever. My advice to anyone that may ever be on the fence about getting your photo taken; do it!

Photos really do tell a thousand words.

Sanaz, thank you for coming into our lives and home during such an emotional time. We treasure you!

And with that, I welcome you to our son’s nursery!

Sources for everything can be found at the bottom of the post if you’re interested.

As for some of the inspiration behind the room, most of it came together rather organically if I am honest. I never had an inspiration board or vision in mind for this space because I wasn’t sure how to keep things soft yet masculine; I’m a super girly girl who is now a mama to one strong little dude! But more than anything I wanted this space to feel relaxing, airy and able to transition nicely into a toddler’s room as our little guy grows up.

This nursery is now one of my favorites in our entire home and for good reason; already in just over two weeks into motherhood I sure do spend many days and nights in there nursing and rocking my little man to sleep. I’m grateful we took time to make this space feel the way it does. Truly. I feel so lucky to be Liam's mama and thank God every night for this sweet season which has changed my and our world so much. I placed a beautiful gold birdcage with all the books my friends and family gave Liam during my baby shower on Liam's white dresser. I also created a wooden photo box with Liam's ultrasound picture when he was merely 20 weeks. Beyond that, in our next home I hope to start a family legacy wall where even more mementos and special imagery will be shared and collected over future years to come.

This tufted crib was custom made by my husband. We picked out the light grey linen to match the gender neutral theme. Liam truly enjoyed hanging out in his Moses basket while Sanaz was hard at work capturing every little detail of my labor of love. Our nursery was lamb themed so I tried looking for as many cute lamb details. I bought a lamb nightlight (not photographed), and the adorable La,b Mobile from Pottery Barn Kids. The stuffed animals were given to me at my baby shower and are from Buy Buy Baby and Nordstrom.

I absolutely had to get this target bookshelf!

The oversized crown canopy is from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. I knew long before we conceived I would want something from this store for our future baby’s room. When it came time to finally order were stumped on where to hang it! It looked like it is supposed to hang above the crib, but I was way too scared to hang it just in case it fell during an earthquake.

And these two above. They are such good buddies. I’m so so lucky to have such a sweet and loving

little family.

I bought this adorable teepee on Etsy! I just wanted something white and believe it or not it is so difficult finding something plain with no patterns. I am also mildly obsessed with moroccan poufs, yet gotta have one in the nursery!

Being a mama has fulfilled every emotion that I expected and then some. It’s also been so many things I didn’t expect and admittedly has provided me with many moments that are hard and frustrating. I feel like I was made to be a mom even though I’m often stuck feeling very far from equipped to do this. Little by little. Bit by bit. I’m taking it all step by step and soaking it up like rays of warm sunshine on my cheeks. Parenting isn’t about being perfect and that’s been a tough pill to swallow because I try to do most of the things throw my way in perfect form, but at the end of each day (or night?!) I know I’m giving my all and then some to provide for and love on our son and that’s all that matters. That’s enough for him and for me. Who knew someone at 13 days old could teach you so much.

I also have a million things to say about my loving husband. And him as a Dad. But I’ll save that for another day.


Photo Credit: Sanaz Photography


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